Vivo’s Valentine’s Day 2022 campaign


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Vivo is a tech brand popular for its smartphones announced on February 5, 2022 , a photography contest, dubbed “vivotine photographer contest” to mark Valentine’s Day 2022.


The company offers a different promotion with buying Vivo’s V or Y of smartphones.

Vivotine Photography Contest

The contest for photos starts on the 6th of February and will end on the 14th of February. During the eight-day competition, Vivo users can upload pictures taken using their Vivo phones to Facebook to take part and win prizes.

“We believe in a better customer experience throughout the day. At vivo, we strive to offer the highest quality service by advancing technology, most current designs, and appealing promotions and contests for our valued customers. The brand has always placed customer needs first. We are thrilled to present the “vivatine photography contest” which will be held in Nepal.

The campaign will show the talents, celebrate the bonds and affection between people. This will connect the brand to its customers , ensuring trust, loyalty, and love. Based on the Benfen concept Vivo is always looking at ways to interact with its customers and offer gifts to show gratitude.

Piyush Giri is the Brand Director at Vivo Nepal

On February 15th, Vivo will announce 9 winners in accordance with comments, shares, likes and beauty of images. The first five winners will win the Sound Core Rave party Play speaker worth the sum of Rs. 30,000 each. The 6th prize winner will be awarded the cash prize of Rs. 6,500. The 7th prize winner will receive Rs.4,500the 8. Winner will be awarded the amount of Rs. 2,500 and the winner of 9th place will be awarded the sum of Rs. 1,500.

“This is an excellent initiative from my favourite brand”vivo. The “vivotine photo contest” shows the commitment of the brand to satisfying customer needs and making them feel special at all times. I’m thrilled to see the unique expressions of love and affection and win great prizes. This is a unique campaign, and I’m hoping it is memorable to all our Vivo users.

–Pradeep Khadkais an actor and film maker

The conditions of participating

Only those who upload their photo to Facebook using Vivo’s Y series or V-series are eligible to participate in the Vivotine photo contest. The photo must also contain the Vivo watermark.

If uploading photos, contestants should include a caption that explains the description and the meaning of the photo. In addition, contestants must follow Vivo Nepal and tag Vivo Nepal within the image using hashtags like #vivotineday #vivoMoments #vivoNepal , and the URL of the post on Vivo’s official contest page.

Discount vouchers and the chances to win gifts

Vivo offers a second discount for the purchase of Vivo’s V series of smartphones. Customers who buy the Vivo V series phone at an official Vivo retail store located within Nepal from February 6 until February 14 will be eligible for an amount of amount of Rs. 2,000 voucher.

Vivo Vivotine

If you purchase a V series smartphone before the 28th of February, you are able to redeem this voucher for discounts of up to the equivalent of. 2,000.

Customers who purchase the Vivo V series phone worth more than Rs. 25000 can participate in a raffle to take home the Vivo TSW 2e earphone. Anyone who purchases the Vivo V series phone for less than Rs. 25,000 are eligible to be part of the raffle to be the winner of an phone holder.

Vivo will give prizes of an TWS 2E earphone to 50 lucky winners, and the smartphone holders to lucky 300 winners. Winners will be revealed on Vivo Nepal’s Vivo Nepal official Vivo Nepal Facebook page.

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